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200ml Glue Cartridge Epoxy Adhesive Cartridge 1:1 Plastic Dual Glue Cartridge With Piston

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Package Included:
(notice:not included glue and mixing nozzles)
Adhesive Cartridge

Adhesive Cartridge

Product details

1. Made of hard plastic, high strength, wear-resistant and durable. Can be reused after cleaning.
2. The glue cartridge is small in size and light in weight. The cartridge connector can be used for different specifications of rubber hose heads. The threaded port design can prevent it from falling off during use.
3. The glue cartridge needs to be used with an epoxy mixing tube and an AB glue gun. Dual glue can be mixed, and the dispensing process can be carried out, and the operation is flexible and convenient.
4. It can be used in industrial production and home life where glue is required. Bonding a range of substrates, such as wood, fiberglass, metals, brick, concrete, glass, tile, stone and more.

Material: PP
Color: White
Mixing Ratios: 1:1
Volume: 200ml
Hose Inner Diameter: 33mm / 1.3-inch
1 Pack of Epoxy Gun Adhesive Cartridge


    Weight 10 kg

    1. 5 out of 5

      Zhao sun

      200ml Glue Cartridge Epoxy Adhesive

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