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Epoxy glue/Acrylic Adhesive/

50ml Marble Glue Quartz Countertop Seam Acrylic Adhesive 10:1 White H-a1001

Price: $25.00

1pc 10:1 50ml acrylic adhesive
2pcs mixing nozzles
Suitable for seamless splicing of quartz,granite,ceramics,glass,wood,stone,acrylic,metal etc.

In Stock:1000000

2x 1:10 Structural Adhesives Mix Nozzles Mixing Nozzles & 50ml 10:1 Acrylic Adhesive 2-part Metal Granite Ceramics Glass AB Glue

Metal Granite

Mixing ratio:A:B=10:1
Stir evenly for 5-10 minutes,curing time for 20-25 minutes,and
Grinding process after 25 minutes.
Suitable for seamless splicing of quartz,granite,ceramics,glass,wood,stone,
acrylic,metal etc.
high hardness,yellowing resistance,impact resistance,damp heat
resistance,Waterproof,mould proof,corrosion resistance and aging resistance after

Package content
1pc 10:1 50ml acrylic adhesive AB structural glue
2pcs mixing nozzles tipsglue for marble granite and stone


    Weight 0.1 kg
    Dimensions 16 × 6 × 4 cm

    Bonding materials such as metal, plastic,granite, glass, etc.




    1pc 10:1 50ml acrylic adhesive AB structural glue
    2pcs mixing nozzles tips

    Place of Origin

    Guangdong Shenzhen, China

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