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Static Mixing Nozzle Number Of Sections16 Mix Nozzles Applicator 1:1 Ratio

Price: $0.45

Length: approx.83mm
Discharge caliber:1.5mm
Mixing ratio: 1:1,1:2 universal
Suitable for mixing epoxy resin AB glue acrylic adhesive etc.

In Stock:1000000

1pc Static Mixing Tube Cartridge Epoxy Adhesive AB Glue Gun Applicator Mixer 83mm Plastic Mixing Nozzle for AB Glues Mixing.

About this item

  • Epoxy nozzles mixing ratio:1:1
  • Mixing nozzles discharge caliber:1.5mm
  • Epoxies nozzles Length: approx.83mm
  • Epoxy resin nozzles suitable for mixing epoxy resin AB glue acrylic adhesive structural adhesive etc.

Glue mixing nozzle for AB glue mixed use, can enable AB glue fully mixed evenly, lightweight square bayonet interface, and AB glue cylinder are in tight connection, the liquid can from AB glue tube into the mixing tube, the in tube flow cutting reorganization of movement so as to mix. For AB gun designed MA series and square bayonet mixing tube.
Length: 83mm
Inner diameter: 6mm
Outside diameter: 7.6mm
For AB gun designed MA series and square bayonet mixing tube
A lightweight square bayonet interface, can be connected closely and cartridges,
the liquid from the cartridges into the mixing tube
Can be applied in any two component liquid mixing machine, as long as the interface
design is appropriate. Can connect to the needle
Package include:
1pc Static Mixing Nozzle Set


    Weight 0.13 kg
    Dimensions 17 × 15 × 7 cm
    Mixing ratio


    Discharge caliber


    Package included

    1pc Glue Mouth Tube

    Place of Origin

    Guangdong Shenzhen, China

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