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50ml 1:1 black epoxy adhesive

  • For End Users

    Products for every glue generation, our passion, fashion and happiness makes us a most sought after Bigbong adhesive brand.

  • For Channel Partners

    As an established business adhesive group we offer an excellent business opprotunity for Distributors & Retailers.

  • For Manufacturers

    We offer epoxy glue can be bonded to various alloy materials such as metals, glass, ceramics, plastics and various new materials. has been widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, home appliances, power supplies, automobiles, led lighting, computers, televisions, monitors, air conditioners, irons and comprehensive small household appliances.

Corporate Clients

Shenzhen Wallace Adhesive Co., Ltd. Was Established on October 16, 2012. for Many Years, our Company Has Been Committed to The Research and Development, Synthesis, Production and Sales of New Polymer Materials. Electronic Silicone Sealant, Electronic Component Fixing Glue,Caulking Gun,Mixing Nozzle,Epoxy Glue,Mix Tip,Glue Gun,Epoxy Adhesive,Glue Cartridge, Acrylic Adhesive,Glue Dispenser,Marble Metal Granite Plastic Glue. Structural Adhesive for 200 Types of Silicone Products. it Has Excellent Bonding, Sealing, Waterproofing, Fixing, Insulation, Shock Resistance, Electrical, High and Low Temperature Resistance, Anti-Uv Aging and Other Properties. It Can Be Bonded to Various Alloy Materials Such as Metals, Glass, Ceramics, Plastics and Various New Materials. Has Been Widely Used In Electronics, Electrical Appliances, Home Appliances, Power Supplies, Automobiles, Led Lighting, Computers, Televisions, Monitors, Air Conditioners, Irons and Comprehensive Small Household Appliances.

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