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Having the right static mixer can make all the difference when it comes to production value and durability. Static mixers are used to mix two materials into one flowing, homogeneous adhesive material. These mixers provide a much greater degree of control when mixing and dispensing the materials, which, in turn, produces less wasted material, saving you money on both production and material costs.

Determining the right static mixer is vital to the outcome of your project. You will know you are using an appropriate mixer if your materials are properly mixed and have the desired flow rate and pressure drop. Improperly mixed materials appear striated due to the fact that they have not been properly mixed, resulting in a sloppy material surface and a slow set time. But how do you know what mixer will work best with the materials you need? To help you narrow down your choices from our large selection, we recommend you start by answering these five questions regarding each specific feature of the mixer you need.

Cartridge applications automatically limit the volume you can work with, so retained volume will play an important role in your determination. This means you will also need to be comfortable handling back-pressure, unless you are using a pneumatic dispenser, in which this is less of an issue. Meter Mix machine applications can be used when mixing larger amounts of material. This also makes retained volume less of an issue owing to the larger size of the mixer.

There are two factors that can indicate you should use a number towards the higher range. The first is the viscosity of the materials; if the two elements have very different viscosities (ie. material A is 5,000cps and material B is 150,000cps), you will likely need to use the higher number of elements. The second is the material ratio; if you are dealing with a mixing ratio of 7:1, for example, a higher number of elements will be needed to achieve a pure, homogenous mix.



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