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Silicone Glue/

Thermal Heatsink Grease Carbon Based High Performance Thermal Conductivity 2.0W/M-K

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Thermal Conductivity:>2.0W/M-K
Thermal Impedance:<0.252 ℃-In²/W
Moment Bore Temperature:-50~300℃
Operation Temperature:-30~280 ℃

In Stock:685000

Bigbong 1kg Thermal Compound Paste Heat Sink Heatsink Paste Thermal Conductivity 2.0W/M-K Thermal Compound Computer CPU Thermal Grease Gray Silicone Grease Adhensive Operation Temperature -30~280℃.

  • Color:Gray
  • Net weight:1000g
  • Thermal Conductivity:>2.0W/M-K
  • Thermal Impedance:<0.252 ℃-In²/W
  • Operation Temperature:-30~280 ℃


    Weight 1 kg
    Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 cm




    Thermal Conductivity


    Moment Bore Temperature


    Place of Origin

    Guangdong Shenzhen, China

    2 Reviews

    1. webadmin

      Thermal grease is widely used for CPU/GPU cooler,boards,fans and board bonding ,LED heat sink,TV, color monitor,air conditioning,audio,cooker,amplifier VCD,DVD communications equipment and all kinds of high-end electronic products.

    2. 5 out of 5

      Zhao sun

      Gray Thermal Grease Compound

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